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Do I Have To Go To The Doctor After A Crash Or Accident?

Nobody likes going to the doctor. If you’ve just been in a car crash, you are likely worried about your loved one(s), your vehicle, or how you are going to get to work tomorrow. We often think of ourselves last in these situations, and the doctor’s office is rarely the first thought.

It’s common for our clients to refuse medical treatment at the scene of a crash. Inevitably, they get home, and the adrenaline wears off. At this point, things start hurting. Sometimes, this will lead to people going to the doctor. Other times, it’s just ignored.

Bottom line, you should get your car crash or accident related injuries checked out by a doctor. Get the medical care you think is necessary, and Martz & Lucas will work your case around that.

From a case perspective, to hold someone liable for your injuries you must prove two things: first, that an injury exists and second, that your crash or fall caused the injury. Insurance companies will almost always fight about one of these things, if not both.

Seeing a doctor after your accident is crucial in making sure your injuries are covered by insurance.

2 Steps To Take To Prove Your Injuries Are Accident Related

Proving An Injury Exists: Starting with #1, you prove your injuries based on medical records and eventually medical testimony. Proving the damages of your case starts with the medical records and your doctor visits. Tell the doctor what happened, what the crash was like, what part of your body was injured. Most importantly, follow up and follow directions.

Physical Therapy (PT) visits are another tricky spot. PT helps you get better, but something as simple as how you answer your Physical Therapist’s questions or missing a visit can affect your deposition and overall standing in court. Defense Counsel will selectively choose statements in your chart like “feels better today.”  or “patient has no complaints.”  It’s best to word your responses like “I feel better today but (blank) still hurts.”

Proving Causation: Once you’ve proven your injuries, you must prove that the crash caused your injuries. This is where insurance defense attorneys dig into your prior medical history and pre-existing conditions. Something as simple as a backache you went to the doctor for 10 years ago could be used to explain away present-day injuries. In this instance, your doctor’s testimony about how the injuries specifically relate to and were caused by the crash will be vital.

Brain Injuries: A special word about head injuries. A concussion can cause extensive problems that are not immediately apparent or easy to identify. If you have hit your head in an accident and are feeling dizzy, having headaches, or experiencing nausea, you should see a specialist. Head injuries are the first injuries an insurance company will discount, yet they can be the most life altering.

At Martz & Lucas, we have handled an extensive amount of personal injury cases, many including head-related injuries. Reach out to us today to get the legal help you need.