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Injured People

Our mission

At Martz & Lucas, we have a process in place that keeps injury cases moving smoothly from intake through trial. We focus on gathering facts and utilizing experts on a cost analysis basis. ​

What should I do? ​

  • Document your injuries and the scene
  • Get a copy of the police report
  • Seek treatment and follow doctor’s direction
  • Compile a list of your medical providers
  • ​Stay off of social media

Do I need to hire a lawyer?

Do I need a lawyer?  It’s a common first question.  Most times, we encourage clients to try it themselves.  Insurance adjusters will be looking for the following items:

  • medical records
  • medical bills
  • a list of your injuries  

Just know, anything you say to an insurance adjuster will be used against you later in the case.

Why are we comfortable telling clients this?  Nine times out of ten the insurance companies will make it so tough to settle your case you will have to hire an attorney.  The insurance industry is not set up to help injured people.  It is set up to make money. ​

A few times you need to immediately hire an attorney: if a governmental entity is involved, a major crash where you need to preserve crash scene evidence, if your statute of limitations is about to run out. 

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We know that maximizing your injury case is a combination of our clients getting the proper medical treatment, hiring the right experts and most importantly, keeping cases moving.  If your attorney is not working on your case, it is losing value.