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Evidence To Collect After A Car Crash, Slip, Or Fall

Start Building Your Personal Injury Case Immediately

Immediately after an accident, you should begin locating any surveillance video that may exist and preserving any equipment such as defective products involved in the accident so that you can build your personal injury case.

Using Video Surveillance & Photos To Provide Evidence In Your Personal Injury Case

Video surveillance can make or break a case. It’s important to locate any video footage quickly as most stores keep surveillance video for a certain time and then the video automatically rolls over. This means if your lawyer comes looking a year later, the video could be gone. If you’ve been in a crash, or slipped and fell, you should quickly take steps to see if there is video to preserve. Even before you meet with a lawyer, you can go back to the scene to look for surrounding businesses or neighbors who would have access to video from the day and time of the crash or accident. Asking them to preserve the video or for permission to use your phone to take a video of the video can help tremendously in proving your case.

Also, a picture is the easiest way to document what happened. We always suggest getting pictures of your vehicle, your injuries to show bruises and cuts, the scene to show the conditions involved, etc. You never know when a Defendant will argue that the grass at the intersection was so tall he couldn’t see you coming. A picture of the intersection, even taken a couple of days later, can be important.

Preserving Damaged Or Defective Items After A Crash Or Personal Injury

After some personal injury cases, some items will need to be preserved. For example, in a products liability case, the defective product itself will become important in the litigation. In a slip and fall case, the defense always asks about the type of shoe you were wearing. In large trucking cases, factors like brakes, trailers, lights can all become issues down the road, and the only way to test if they were working is an immediate inspection. 

Additionally, phones are a vital part of our life. We collect a lot of information on them, but that information can easily disappear. Once phone information is gone, the only solution can be police involvement or a court order. This information could be key in determining the outcome of your case. For example, at Martz and Lucas we had a wrongful death crash case where the police did a full investigation. The download of the Defendant driver’s phone showed he was texting just seconds before hitting and killing our client’s husband.    

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The best way to know the next steps to take after an accident or injury is to contact a qualified attorney. At Martz and Lucas, we go over these questions at our initial intake meeting. Once we begin working together, we can send letters to preserve evidence, file a case immediately for the purpose of obtaining court orders to preserve evidence, and more. At Martz & Lucas, LLC, these are issues we think about with every case. If you have an issue or question, please give us a call at (219) 462-1529 or reach out to us online