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Important Tips To Follow After A Vehicle Crash

No one wants to be in a vehicle crash, but it happens. The National Highway Traffic Safety Association reports that fatal crashes rose by 6.8% from 2019 to 2020.  The NHTSA describes fatal crashes as a “National Crisis.” 

Here are important tips to follow in the event you are in a vehicle crash:

Five Steps To Take After A Crash

FIRST – 911

Get help, call 911 if you can. Have someone else call if necessary. Make sure everyone is safe and that both you and your vehicles are in a safe location. Many crashes occur because other drivers are taking their eyes off the road to look at commotion, meaning other drivers could cause accidents while staring at the aftermath of yours. If possible, move your vehicles out of the way and out of the flow of traffic.


Call the police and file a report. If you don’t have a police report, proving the details of what happened becomes complicated. Once police show up, be mindful of what you tell them. Give them the basic facts and then let them ask for the additional information they need. Keep in mind, you’ve just been in a traumatic event and may not be thinking clearly. What you say to a police officer will go into an official police report and become set in stone.


Get medical attention. It is common for clients to refuse medical treatment at the scene, just to figure out later that they are injured. At the scene of the accident, adrenaline will be pumping.  You may not realize how badly hurt you are. If there is any chance you are injured, accept the ambulance transport at the scene and let the medical professionals do their job.


Take pictures. Document the scene. If you are unable to take pictures, have a family member help. You want to take pictures of your vehicle’s damage and the other vehicles involved. Pictures of the location where the crash occurred, stop lights, yield signs, even speed limit signs are all helpful.


From here, you will start the long process of recovering and dealing with insurance companies. This is where the trained professionals at Martz and Lucas can help. Connect with us today to get the personal injury assistance you need.